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lizabirina спросил(a):

Hello) I'm so glad that you will soon have a new album. I want to help you and I buy CD with signed booklet. what is the "signed booklet"?


There are a few options to pre-order my album: First of all, a digital download comes along with every item you purchase. You can also buy a simple physical CD. The option “signed” means that my autograph will be inside the booklet, “signed/dedicated” means that my autograph will be inside and I will also make it more special because I will dedicate the CD to you.

Then, you have two more options: Your name in the credits. It means that your name will appear in every copy of the booklet on a special thank you page. You can buy this option with a simple CD or with a CD that will be signed and dedicated as well.

I hope this’ll help you. Thank you so much for your support <3


xoxo Strify

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